These are the projects that I own; current, upcoming, fansites that has been running for ages and the invisible ones that forgot to get out from dreamland. I still plan to wake up my sleeping fansites in the near future so I can be at ease whenever I think of Ethelion.


Fanlisting Collective

Hakumei is an edenTRAP production and my second fanlisting collective that I opened last Febuary 2011. In 2009, the first fanlisting collective I had was Virtuoso before edenTRAP came into action. It was residing at until April 2011 when I finally managed to purchase Ethelion.NET. Since early 2004, I was already joining countless fanlistings that I never thought of listing down the ones I joined. Now that I have my collective and owns some fanlistings, I’m much more into this field.


Hideto Takarai Fansite

Hydeist is one of my really ancient fansites. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the first fansite I’ve ever made when I was still in high school. Thanks to you Fourth Avenue Cafe, Niji and Rurouni Kenshin, if not I will never be introduced to this awesome J-Rocker. I love Hyde’s music, and so L`Arc~en~ciel’s. What’s not to love about them anyway? I love both Hyde and Laruku but I focused the fansite to Hyde because generalizing the entire J-Rock band is quite big. I’m not being biased though, it just happens that Hyde is my favorite amongst the group.

The Frivolous Retard

Shinji Hirako Fansite

Oh dear Shinji… another blonde! I opened up Toast years after I opened up Awaken. Shinji appeared at the later part so I gathered information about this guy first before opening a fansite dedicated to him. I’m still working for this one but it’s already nearing completion. I got the name Toast because of his first appearance in the anime and in the manga where he was elevating upside-down holding a bottle of water. Shinji is also a mysterious guy, comical and devious.

Upcoming/Revamping Shrines

Broaden your horizon to new heights.

These are the projects that are either already online but hasn’t been launched to the public yet, still at the stage of conceptualizing—like I still have to finish some bit of information and contents to the ones that are already online before this, or projects that I have to hide from the world for the mean time due to a possible layout or content revamp. They will be up soon—hopefully when my hands are free from the other projects that I’m currently handling and/or making.