Now, let’s learn more about this domain. I’ve always wanted to have my own one that I can take care of for as long as I can. So, I previously have Ethelion.NET, now I have Reijou.NET and I want it to stay with me until the end. Unless I get completely broke and can no longer pay for it.

The scrupulous mind begins with a chaotic heart.
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Solid Reijou

When life starts anew, it could be inevitable.

To be honest, I have quite a long blogging and website history. And it’s pretty funny how I’ve started with everything each time I look back. But I’m still willing to share the story, so if you’re not interested to know how I’ve started as a newbie, you can simply go back to the previous page you’ve visited. ♥

Last April 26, 2017, I have stopped taking care of Ethelion.NET due to renewal fees getting expensive each year, like in 2017 it’s Php800.00 and I don’t plan to waste Php300.00 more (I can already buy 28 pieces of diapers for my baby with that lol). So Ethelion.NET is no more since May 2017.

Reijou.NET was registered on 21st November 2017 after marveling whether to purchase a new one or not just a few minutes after midnight—but I’m still fixing everything around here as this will be both my domain and fanlisting collective. With that, I’ve resided my websites and fanlistings to my Dot.TK domains temporarily so that my fanlistings won’t get trouble-listed. They will be transferred here eventually.

The Epic History

The life’s journey is like a vellichor.

I’ve been creating websites since 2005 and the very first host that I’ve stumbled upon was GeoCities. I actually have no particular subject at that time to what I should have as my website—so I started with fansites, building the first one which is Urahara Kisuke’s. And then, followed by Hirako Shinji, my portfolio and to name a few. After a while I lost interest in maintaining them through GeoCities since it’s free hosting plan is kind of small so I had put up everything in indefinite hiatus.

Then, early 2007, we finally have our own internet. I’ve been addicted to it since I have all the time to manage my previous websites that was then left un-updated. I’ve decided to quit GeoCities and look for a new host so I found myself at FreeHostia. I’ve first created the subdomain for ikidoshoku, and because of FreeHostia’s free hosting plan that you can add 20 subdomains in one account, I kinda lost track of what I’ve created after ikidoshoku.

I was really a poor kid, I can’t buy my own domain for my own satisfaction (lol). I tried to register one at PhilHosting.NET which is the but I wasn’t able to purchase it because it’s too expensive for me (for a student at least). And subdomains at FreeHostia is too long—and I really am not a big fan of long subdomain/domain names. So there I was again on my journey to look for decent subdomain names… I found co.CC and I immediately created an account and there Deicoded was born. It was first hosted under FreeHostia and it has been my collective website.

Around early 2008, I looked for another host where there’s access to emails because FreeHostia doesn’t have sendmail function if you’re using their free hosting plan. So I found 000Webhost and that’s where I created my second blog (yup, my first blog was under FreeHostia) and just transferred everything I had from the first one there.

It honestly took me eons to finally tell myself that this is it, it’s time for me to have my own domain that I can maintain for as long as I can. On the 4th day of April, year 2011, I purchased Ethelion.NET at iProton.NET because it’s really affordable (at that time). I’ve been through a lot of troubles finding a new host for Ethelion, that when it was hosted under 000Webhost, my entire public_html has been wiped clean when I was updating it so I still curse it until now. Lucky me to have a lot of patience looking at the forums of TAFL looking for hosts and I thank God that I’ve stumbled upon Misaki—Ethelion finally have her wonderful home.


A new beginning comes with an identity.

Looking back at my previous domain’s content, I came to realize that my registered domains are quite connected and have the same background of origin.

The idea of the name “reijou” actually just came out of the blue, although I had a lot of options to choose—but these options are already taken, such as Kakumei.NET and Hakumei.NET. *facepalms* I was actually choosing between Mochiron.NET, Renjou.NET and Reijou.NET, and with my other half’s opinion, I went to register Reijou.NET with the hopes of being able to purchase one more domain in the future. As for the domain’s meaning, the kanji I chose for reijou is 霊場 where rei (霊) means spirits or soul and jou (場) means location or place, and putting them together would give us sacred ground.

I got the name Ethelion from the 2nd Division of the Assassin’s Guild on my written light-novel Dei no Mori; captained by Clyde Zadeius and has been purchased on iProton. It is supposed to be Kisuke.NET basing on Kisuke’s kanji name, the name Kisuke is someone who takes pleasure in helping others. But, unfortunately, the name is no longer available so I’m stuck with Ethelion. Then, I was actually planning on purchasing Aki.NET but the name is no longer available too so I’m choosing between Benihime.NET and Ethelion.NET—no need to guess who won the name fight. ^_^

The name DEICODED was derived from the word DEI (a Latin word means God) and CODED (from it’s root word code which means a system of laws or rule; system of signals), I’ve picked up the name Deicoded for some personal reasons. So let’s not further go into details.. ^_^

About the Layouts

Every colors painted in a canvas lies a masterpiece.

I somehow lost track of my layouts ever since I’ve purchased Ethelion.NET, I’m pretty sure I’ve switched from one layout to another but I’ll try to showcase the ones I’ve retrieved.

Since I love designing web layouts, Ethelion has become one of my experimental grounds where I change layout at least four times in a year from the day I purchased the domain until 2013. I lay-lowed with layout transitions when my love department became quite pre-occupied. Below are some of the layouts I managed to get from newest to oldest.

Potentially Asked Questions

Because questions are the key to wisdom.

Is Ethelion/Reijou an anime site?
Sadly, no… not really. Ethelion.NET is my personal blog, my first registered domain and my domain collective that houses my fanlisting collective, writing and graphic site, including some fansites that I build ages ago.

Can I take your images or artworks?
Yes, you can. The only thing you’re not allowed to take is my layouts and claim it as your own and my contents too, that’s a very big no-no. If you’re gonna use one of my images or artworks here, you cannot manipulate it or remove anything from them, you cannot also publish my works to other sites without my written permission. Please consider emailing me before you do anything so that I would know where my stuffs are going. And as long as you link back to this site and give me a proper credit, it’s all fine that way.

Can I steal/use your layout, contents, ideas, or even your sites?
Uh, no? No, really, even if you ask for my permission. Who have the abominable face to do that? For the contents, there’s nothing to copy here since it’s all my own personal opinion and information.

Do you ever sleep?
I got asked this question very very often with regards to what I am capable to do within one single day especially when my friends abroad find me online until 5:00 in the morning. The answer is: yes, I still do sleep but like what I’ve said on my random facts, I only sleep when necessary so shortly speaking, I also do not sleep. ^_^ My maximum hours of sleeping is 2-3 hours, I don’t have a sleeping disorder, it’s just a force of habit. It’s even funny how I see people react when I say the words I never sleep.

How many online websites do you have?
Currently, not more than 50 and not less than 20. It’s quite a bunch now but most of it are fanlistings, so it’s not new.

Since when did you start making websites?
I started making websites when I was 15 years old, way back in high school in my 3rd year. I was just urged to do websites when I saw one simple guild website when my friend invited me to go with him and presented to me their guild site. All of my sites that time were all crappy since I was only a newbie and doesn’t know anything about CSS and PHP yet. That time, what I only know were pure basic javascripts and HTML so I can’t design my own layout.

How did you create this network?
I created this network like the way I created all of my sites with a lot of patience, time, music, sweets, inspiration, photoshop and a plain text editor. I have a lot of concepts inside my head and when I plan to make one, I just play with the images, brushes and the layers itself until it suits my taste.

What is your inspiration?
Inspiration is everywhere. When I’m asked about this question, I simply look up and think of what is my inspiration and then I’ll just answer I cannot say. I can do layouts such as this, draw/paint anything my head pictures, or write a poem out of anything when I’m in the mood. But all I can say about what truly is my inspiration at this time, it’s my beloved other half, my two adorable sons <3 and of course, my personal demon… if you know who am I talking to. XD

Can you put up some tutorials?
I’ve learned everything I know all by myself so maybe you can do it too. It’s difficult to help people via email or chat, maybe I can still handle some if you have a question. If you find my tutorials unhelpful, you can just simply go online because there’s a lot great ones out there. I’m a self taught so you can also be. ^_^

Can you design a web layout for me?
Yes, I can. I can also do a request from a customer, I will do the requests as long as you pay for it. You can go to the freebies section and/or look at the tutorials, use it as your reference if you wish, or order a specific package. If you have problems about coding and such, you can figure it all out, it’s not that difficult.

What programs do you use?
For website designs, I use Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS6. I love everything in them. As for PHP or HTML, I use either Notepad++ or Sublime Text and type everything down, it’s all inside my head.

Can you host me?
Sorry, but I can’t. Although hosting service has its various FTP accounts, I can’t accept hostees because my hosting plan won’t allow it. If you want, you can apply for a free hosting under Lysianthus; my current host.

Can I link you?
Go ahead, my friend! Just drop me an email so I can link back to you. 🙂