Another day at Panda Eyes

I usually change my layouts especially when I don’t feel it, not satisfied with it, or just dead tired with it. 😀 So now, congratulations to me for moving on to Version 1.1 of my blog. *confetti* If you’re a frequent visitor, then you must probably notice by now that there are a lot of changes compared to the previous layout. Must I elaborate them all? XD

Another day and I’m dead hungry yet again. Come on, why is it I’m always hungry? I am well fed anyway. So my dad just called me, telling me to get home (I’m currently at a computer shop, we don’t have an internet at home lols) because I haven’t eaten my dinner yet. Going back to my updates, I also want to put some comment links on every post that I make but I just remembered that my blog is currently residing at GeoCities. It doesn’t support PHP, it doesn’t have that much web space, and I don’t feel like using some snippets out there for entries. But I guess this is all good as long as I have a guestbook, right? 🙂

Also, my Presentation Techniques class is scheduled for tomorrow—meaning another day of nerve-wrecking illustrations and paintings for five hours. Whew! XD I do hope we’ll do an easy one-sitting plate so that we wouldn’t be that tired for the next major class. Roar~!

That will be all for tonight, my friends. Stay safe and good night, everyone~! 😉


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