From a long journey…

Half-day, half-day… school is supposed to be 8 hours long or longer, but today we don’t have any scheduled class the entire afternoon. So what have we decided? Do our project for our Materials of Construction class, which is due a week from now. Luckily, one of my friends (which happened to be a group mate) have a ride so we wouldn’t have any problems going to any hardware and tile stores. I’m an Architecture student so don’t wonder hahaha. XD

We’ve spent the entire afternoon jumping from one store to another and it’s already around 7 in the evening when we reached my friend’s house to do our project with the data that we’ve collected so far. :'( Tired old thing… and there’s a heavy rain outside, I do hope it stops before I go home ‘coz I don’t have the strength anymore to lift and hold an umbrella. XD

EDIT: No new updates yet for the website but the guestbook is already okay. Ja ne!


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