Priorities to sort out!

O_O I forgot to eat lunch before posting and visiting my shenanigans online, so now I’m dead hungry. I might as well eat some fruits when I get home in order to fill my growling worms. XD Anyway, the haven and favorites are already up (which should be updated regularly whenever something new comes up). And I’m also having some problems right now, not just in school and whatnot… it’s something personal as well. I shouldn’t be bothered about it and let it slip away since it’s not really a big deal. LMAO, why the dramas? 😀 And who says something about changing the Kira Case into the Global Warming Case? It’s L, he said that he’s tired about the Kira Case. Hahah, just read some comic strip on deviantART made by SilentReaper.

Then I have a lot of work to do, and I don’t know where to start. Looking at my study table at home is a pile of schoolwork, some unfinished plates that is due in a couple of weeks, then back on screen are a bunch of unfinished web pages. Priorities! Hahaha, I’ll get back to my school stuff once I’m done updating my blog which will just take me an hour. I’m so stressed right now; I’m starting to become a walking zombie again that all I want to do is to sleep and take a rest (I mean a break). It’s not only my brain that’s stressed but also my body. But hey, always look on the bright side. Stress is just temporary, so I can still rejoice once I’m done with my stuffs. 😛


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