Magic Square + Music Box

I’ve been awake ’til two in the morning lately because of some puzzle that my dear friend N had given me. /welp Actually I got the third order of the magic square by putting the number 1 in the middle top of the cell. With N’s given, it is the number 8 that’s in the middle top of the cell where I can’t do the right moves to get the third order. XD So whatever God forsaken reason may come that I can’t control, I’ll never stop until I get the third order. But I think the given that N’s professor gave them is indeed wrong… 🙁

What do you think is the best for this blog? Silent or with music? Hmm… as of now I’m planning to put some media box here but I don’t know what kind of music to add. My first option is the Ragnarok Online BGMs but I have no time to download it right now. 😛

[EDIT: September 24, 2007]
I received a text message from N and she said that I was right, the given was wrong according to their professor. XD


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