Saturday: 2008年 4月 12日, 10:12 AM

Deadly Sacrifice
Genres: ,
Published: May 1, 1999
ISBN: 188547878X
ISBN13: 9781885478788
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 255
When the corpse of a seven-month-old infant was discovered in the ashes of a black parishioners’ torched church in Purdy, lawyer Vernon King decides to defend the man accused of the crime. After the FBI arrests Vernon’s neighbor; the dairy farmer Bill Wall for arson, King takes the case, although he’s had little trial experience. He’s soon horrified by the FBI agents’ overt dislike of Southerners, and with the help of a former high school classmate and federal agent, he sets out to uncover the truth. Kean, an attorney who has worked as a government investigator, provides thorough descriptions of the trial proceedings and agency investigations, but he is unable to fashion his material into a suspenseful narrative.

The very first thing that came into my head when I finished reading this book is why. The book kept me wondering why did it happen, why did someone has to die, and a couple of more whys. But putting the whys aside, this book specifically tells the reader that race relations is still a big issue, and it also tells us that friendship and protective family ties is way important than any other things.