Monday: 2007年 9月 24日, 19:49 PM

Half-day, half-day… school is supposed to be 8 hours long or longer, but today we don’t have any scheduled class the entire afternoon. So what have we decided? Do our project on our Materials of Construction class, which is due a week from now. Luckily, one of my friend (which happened to be a group mate) have a ride so we won’t have any problems going to any hardware and tile stores. I’m an Architecture student so don’t wonder hahaha. XD

We’ve spent the entire afternoon jumping from one store to another and it’s already around 7 in the evening when we reached my friend’s house to do our project with the data that we’ve collected so far. :'( Tired old thing… and there’s a heavy rain outside, I do hope it stops before I go home coz I don’t have the strength anymore to lift and hold an umbrella. XD

EDIT: No new updates yet for the website but the bookie is already okay. Ja ne!

Saturday: 2007年 9月 22日, 09:39 AM

I’ve been awake ’til two in the morning lately because of some puzzle that my dear friend Enica had given me. /welp Actually I got the third order of the magic square by putting the number 1 in the middle top of the cell. With Enica’s given, it is the number 8 that’s in the middle top of the cell where I can’t do the right moves to get the third order. XD So whatever God forsaken reason may come that I can’t control, I’ll never stop until I get the third order. But I think the given that Enica’s professor gave them is indeed wrong… 😕

What do you think is the best for this blog? Silent or with music? Hmm… as of now I’m planning to put some media box here but I don’t know what kind of music to add. My first option is the Ragnarok Online BGMs but I have no time to download it right now. 😛

[EDIT: September 24, 2007]
I received a text message from Enica and she said that I was right, the given was wrong according to their professor. XD

Friday: 2007年 9月 21日, 08:41 AM

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Yay! At last the main temple of mine is already up! I admit that there’s nothing to click in here yet but the news page is already here. *claps*

By the way, I do plan to make this website as my blog and portfolio as well. Since majority of my works specially illustrations are crappy (sketch-like) or unfinished, I might be focusing on blogging first. Hahaha, until I get my hands good enough to draw both traditional and digital (although they already are, but I’m still not confident ‘coz ermm)…

Kawaii yo ne… please don’t hesitate to revisit my crappy domain. Minna, arigatou gozaimasu! 😉