Sunday: 2008ๅนด 8ๆœˆ 17ๆ—ฅ, 09:32 AM

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It’s been a while since my last update and to be honest, nothing has been added much since. That is because I was contemplating with myself and finding a free hosting website where it can somehow handle the space needed for the gallery. So, after months of searching online and gathering suggestions from friends, Hydeist finally has a good place to stay: Freehostia. ๐Ÿ˜€

Since that Hydeist just recently moved, expect that there will be a bunch of page errors and missing links. And moving things one by one is a bit tiresome (blame me for not having an FTP client at the moment for easier life). With that being said, unfortunately that I have to say this again, this site is on revamp stage and major hiatus at the moment. You can still view the main page, but like I said, there will be missing links and other shenanigans.

That’s all for the day and I do hope that I’ll be able to finish things up sooner.


31 July 2008 | 5:50 AMNews Addition From ikido-shoku
Damn, I’m exhausted… *faint* There, as you can see, this note is written as the news addition. To put it bluntly, the posts I’ve made on ikido-shoku has been transferred here in Lucifer. Yay! At least I’ve recovered the backup news for this hahah. Since that the ikido’s updates were transferred here, there will be a major change with ikido; that is, the news will be gone forever T_T and it’s my another problem to conceptualize another purpose for the said site. I’m also planning to move the current informations I’ve listed there here such as the Wishtaker, the Innocence, the Links and the rest. Good bye ikido’s content…

But worry not, I won’t delete that site. ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ll put something worth visiting there for the second time. Full transformation too, I might add. So that’s all I can put right now because I’ll be updating the other pages here again. Ja ne minna-san!

Wednesday: 2008ๅนด 7ๆœˆ 30ๆ—ฅ, 14:16 PM

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Wow! O_O Pinatay ko na pala ang site na ito, naawa naman ako at ayan.. muli kong binuhay, heto pa rin ang dating layout nya kung paano ko sya iniwanan noon. Nadagdag lang ang music box at ang shout box sa left hand side. XD Grabe ang tagal na ng last update ko. T_T Panu ako magsisimula sa aking talambuhay? Hm… summary na lang. Napag-desisyunan ko nang iwan ang kasalukuyan kong kurso na B.S. Architecture sa darating na 2nd sem dahil ayoko na. Medyo nahihirapan na ako tapos tamadis pa mga prof. ๐Ÿ™ Kaya heto, nakatanga lang ako sa bahay dahil hindi ako nakapag-enroll nitong June. So sad… pero I’ll make it up for myself, this is a second chance that I shouldn’t take advantage of. I have to be more serious! Ang hirap kasi sumabay sa lesson kapag walang kwenta magturo ang prof… T_T

So now, ako ay gutom sapagkat hindi pa ako nanananghalian. XD Inaayos ko din ang site kong ito dahil madami pang missing pages and subpages. Wahahah, kung ano lang ang bukas nun dati eh ganun din ngayon. As in kakaayos ko lang talaga nito kaninang madaling araw… 2:00 to be exact at inabot na ako ng 7:45 sa kakaayos.. hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin tapos, 3:10 na ng hapon. WAW! Anong petsa na ha? Kasi naman wala din akong maisip na ilagay sa ngayon.. lahat kasi ng ideas ko about sa ibang pages ay na-wash out na ng ilang bagyo. Ah basta, tama na muna ang balitang ito ngayon at marami pa akong gagawin.

Since this is a new transformation for the site, the previous news are not included in this news management. If you wish to see the previous news, feel free to check them on the older pages.

Tuesday: 2008ๅนด 4ๆœˆ 8ๆ—ฅ, 22:00 PM

Wha..? Another version of ikido-shoku? Wow… I’m changing the site’s skin way too faster than I thought. I mean, the previous layout didn’t even last for a month. But as promised on my welcome note, YES I’m gonna keep this layout for so long. This one has a deeper value than the previous layouts because aside from the fact that this one is made by me and only me, I’ve put a lot of effort in here… ^^; although it’s not that good. I’ve made this new version for six hours! XD So tiring… yeah.

SO NOW I WELCOME YOU TO Version 3.0 ][ KILIK – Air Gear!
But the hidden title of this version is Seasonal Menthol

Why do I give up anyway? Because I can’t fix the footer… I was about to transfer the tag board on the footer area and the rest of the miscellaneous contents but the scripts are crazy. No, I am the one who’s crazy… I can’t fix the simple error. But since I’m kinda busy nowadays because summer class is about to start, I’m a bit lazy to focus my attention to one bug. So there, the third version will be this way forth… if ever I’m gonna change something here, it’s for me to know and it’s for you to find out. AND FIX THE FOOTER! ๐Ÿ˜›

Hahaha… so that’s all for this current news. I’ll just edit this one if I’ve forgotten something. Ciao! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday: 2008ๅนด 4ๆœˆ 2ๆ—ฅ, 21:50 PM

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HALA!!! What happened? It seems that my recent updates were gone… oh poor thing. Even my first updates for April 1st is gone! So this proves that Cutenews is somewhat annoying then… how about my news about the mudkips and my horror? >:(

And yeah, it’s 2nd April 2008… masama yata ang araw ng birthday ni irogski. Ayan ang balik sa akin oh, nabura yung first news ko para sa April tapos lahat ng in-update ko sa kabuuan ng domain ng INdisguise ay naglaho din. Irogski, may balat ka ba sa pwet? Wahahaha. Baka winater gun mo na ako sakaling nandito ka sa Pinas! Biro lang… nakakadismaya lang talaga kasi ang thoughtful ko sa news tapos bigla na lang mawawala ang mga news ko na pinaghirapan kong i-compose.

Drama mode… hahah.
May you have more birthdays to come! Aheheh… wala akong panreregalo sa iyo. Bra na lang siguro para sa magiging boyfriend mo jan kung saka-sakali. Bwahahaha!!! Kung ayaw mo ng bra, t-back na lang. ๐Ÿ˜€ Ahahahahah!!! Gutom ang lola kaya ganyan na naman… pero anyways, ayan nalindol. Aba, matindi talaga tama ng karma sa akin ah. T_T

Monday: 2008ๅนด 3ๆœˆ 24ๆ—ฅ, 15:29 PM

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๐Ÿ™ Hay… I apologize for the members of Birth Note and to my friends on deviantART for my absence. Nakaw oras lang itong kinuha ko sa pag-a-update ng site kong ito. I want to visit the club’s chat but I’m limited to use my computer this time so please have patience. Ahahah… I don’t know when pero sana this coming Wednesday ay okay okay na ako para maka-join na ako sa chat! XD I apologize profusely…

Masyado lang akong napagod kaya ayan.. nagkasakit nang hindi inaasahan. Isang batok nga dyan para kay hidaka. So sana habang wala ako sa chat eh makapag-update naman ang mga operators lalo na ang paglalagay ng newest members sa journal ni BirthNote. Wow… masyadong naging busy ang BirthGod sa pagsusulat ng mga isisilang maging ang pagsayaw ay hindi na pinatawad. ๐Ÿ˜› But anyway, hopefully na maka-recover agad ako para makabalik na ako sa club. Yun nga lang baka hindi na gaya ng dati na inaabot ako ng umaga… baka hanggang 12 na lang ako sakaling gumaling ako. Ciao minna-san!


22 March 2008 | 10:41 AMVersion 2.0 – Last Exile
Wow… a new version of ikido-shoku’s layout hahah! XD Actually, I saw the layout at SeaBreezed but the layout content is too small so I edited it. I also altered the styles and add some css codes to it. :3 I apologize…. eherm.

Then I also changed the media box and the music is entitled as “I Miss You”, a background music from the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Eheheh… so that’s all for now. Uh wait! I also changed the time format of the news.