Thursday: 2008年 10月 23日, 04:08 AM

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Huwaaa~ >_< This is what I hated most when it comes to the university… the enrollments (given the fact that I’m asthmatic and jumping from one building to another is really a heavy toll for me)! Yeah, since I’ve stopped last semester, I have to re-admit myself onto my college department to activate my student number. If I didn’t apply for re-admission, I will not be able to enroll for the second semester AND I won’t achieve my current goal for now and that is “shifting“. 😀 I’m quite tired of my current course so I’m planning on taking up comsci… hays.

I just hope that I’ll find some decent job when I graduated from Computer Science… but what if I really want is to be a mangaka. 😕 I wanted to take some art courses but I can’t find any here in Philippines, if there is some, nasa exclusive universities with expensive tuition fees naman. T_T Buti pa sina Nate at Light, they’re now taking art courses in U.S.—waaahhh!!!

Wednesday: 2008年 7月 30日, 14:16 PM

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Wow! O_O Pinatay ko na pala ang site na ito, naawa naman ako at ayan.. muli kong binuhay, heto pa rin ang dating layout nya kung paano ko sya iniwanan noon. Nadagdag lang ang music box at ang shout box sa left hand side. XD Grabe ang tagal na ng last update ko. T_T Panu ako magsisimula sa aking talambuhay? Hm… summary na lang. Napag-desisyunan ko nang iwan ang kasalukuyan kong kurso na B.S. Architecture sa darating na 2nd sem dahil ayoko na. Medyo nahihirapan na ako tapos tamadis pa mga prof. 🙁 Kaya heto, nakatanga lang ako sa bahay dahil hindi ako nakapag-enroll nitong June. So sad… pero I’ll make it up for myself, this is a second chance that I shouldn’t take advantage of. I have to be more serious! Ang hirap kasi sumabay sa lesson kapag walang kwenta magturo ang prof… T_T

So now, ako ay gutom sapagkat hindi pa ako nanananghalian. XD Inaayos ko din ang site kong ito dahil madami pang missing pages and subpages. Wahahah, kung ano lang ang bukas nun dati eh ganun din ngayon. As in kakaayos ko lang talaga nito kaninang madaling araw… 2:00 to be exact at inabot na ako ng 7:45 sa kakaayos.. hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin tapos, 3:10 na ng hapon. WAW! Anong petsa na ha? Kasi naman wala din akong maisip na ilagay sa ngayon.. lahat kasi ng ideas ko about sa ibang pages ay na-wash out na ng ilang bagyo. Ah basta, tama na muna ang balitang ito ngayon at marami pa akong gagawin.

Since this is a new transformation for the site, the previous news are not included in this news management. If you wish to see the previous news, feel free to check them on the older pages.

Thursday: 2008年 3月 20日, 15:26 PM

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I’ve been a busy body from midnight up until now because my plates are always eating me up. Since I’m a nocturnal person, I tend to do my school works before or past midnight until I pass out in the morning. So, to rest my mortal body and my seemingly always dried up brain, I’ve decided to get online and do my usual stuff at deviantART. What I’m not expecting to read from my messages is the thing that I’ve always expected 99% of the time whenever I join the chatrooms. LOL. Not only this particular deviant doesn’t know how to read a fellow deviant’s profile, but also have the guts to steal my already stolen tag and post it on her journal with a cute caption “hope he doesn’t mind…”

Because I have the tendency to talk like a man especially in chats, I’m always mistaken as one. Which is a bit funny because I kind of also walk and act like one. 😀 Like I don’t have that feminine aura at all, but I’m a straight female. I do fall in love with men and I drool over smexy yaoi-like physical aspects of a man. Yes, I love yaoi, just so you know hahaha.

At first, I don’t know how to react upon reading her message. I was just farting my ass off because I can’t stop laughing. I’m not sure how to explain things to her as well because she seems so hyped and kind of rabid. Then after I got back to my senses, I replied back—struggling to explain the important things about deviantART user profiles as light as possible. And she apologized immediately upon learning her hilarious mistake. 😀

Oh yeah before I’ve forgotten anything important after this horrid activities, heheh… I’ve added the Hitlist page. The only page where I list my precious and lovely dA friends and watchers. 😀 Try to check them and see if your name is on the list. If you can’t find yours, please send me a note or email me immediately and I’ll add you up. Please be reminded that this page is for dA users only, heheh. So that’s all for tonight, no further updates this week because this one is already done. Ciao!

Monday: 2007年 12月 31日, 03:01 AM

01 October 2007 | 11:26 PM – Deadline

Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. To handle yourself, use your head; To handle others, use your heart.

Waah! Inay ko po… first day of the month na, six days to go at pasahan na ng plate! Oh no! *dead*

12 October 2007 | 10:42 AM – Version 1.2 The Addict
Nyahai, may bago na namang version ang panda EYES which is subtitled as “The Addict”. Hmm… ayos lang kasi kahit ako ay adik din sa asukal. Hahahah. Sa wakas ay sem break na, makakapagpahinga na rin sa wakas ang pagod kong mga mata at utak, gayun din ang aking mga kamay. But still, ako’y naghahanda sa kalalabasan ng resulta ng aking first semestral grades. Hay… inaasahan ko na ang dapat asahan jan kaya medyo iyak iyak ako ngayon.

Gusto ko ng ice cream! >_< Tsaka ng cake! >_<
Hindi ko pa rin nao-open ang ibang links dito dahil sinisimulan ko pa lang ang dapat simulan. Hanggang sa susunod ulit. Ja ne!

Today’s Post – New Look: White Song
Okay, new skin! Which is entitled as the White Song, another song of Hyde from his solo works on the album Roentgen (English – released on 14th Oct 2004). The previous layout is of course entitled as Jojoushi, I’ve planned that the layout must be named after their songs. Hahahah! Then of course, not all of the page are done… T_T I’m still doing the rest but I’m glad that the Hydeist section is all up. Tee-hee! At least this site is worth visiting.

Minna-san, arigatou gozaimasu!

Saturday: 2007年 9月 29日, 21:08 PM

Sheesh… nakalimutan ko ang petsa ngayon. Hay, sa October 8 na ang pasahan ng major plate namin pero ni floor plan ko ay hindi ko pa natatapos. Paano kaya ako magmimilagro ngayong buong week? Hay… tapos sumasabay pa ang PresTech namin, naman… :'( Pati yung manga ko sinasabay ko pa! XD AYAW KO NA TALAGA! Masyado akong busy at nakakalimutan ko nang matulog. Bagay nga lang talaga siguro akong tawaging L… XD

Nyerp… tapos may nahingi pa ng tulong sa akin sa DA. Grabe iba na talaga ang sikat (waheheh joke lang… hindi pa kasi ako naghahapunan eh) puro prutas pa lang ang nakakain ko simula kanina pagdating ko ng haus. Yisshh… miss ko na si ‘Light’-mahal ko!

Hay naku! May umalipusta sa cake ko!!! I have to go and I’ll make that person pay for touching my cake!