Tuesday: 2008ๅนด 4ๆœˆ 8ๆ—ฅ, 22:00 PM

Wha..? Another version of ikido-shoku? Wow… I’m changing the site’s skin way too faster than I thought. I mean, the previous layout didn’t even last for a month. But as promised on my welcome note, YES I’m gonna keep this layout for so long. This one has a deeper value than the previous layouts because aside from the fact that this one is made by me and only me, I’ve put a lot of effort in here… ^^; although it’s not that good. I’ve made this new version for six hours! XD So tiring… yeah.

SO NOW I WELCOME YOU TO Version 3.0 ][ KILIK – Air Gear!
But the hidden title of this version is Seasonal Menthol

Why do I give up anyway? Because I can’t fix the footer… I was about to transfer the tag board on the footer area and the rest of the miscellaneous contents but the scripts are crazy. No, I am the one who’s crazy… I can’t fix the simple error. But since I’m kinda busy nowadays because summer class is about to start, I’m a bit lazy to focus my attention to one bug. So there, the third version will be this way forth… if ever I’m gonna change something here, it’s for me to know and it’s for you to find out. AND FIX THE FOOTER! ๐Ÿ˜›

Hahaha… so that’s all for this current news. I’ll just edit this one if I’ve forgotten something. Ciao! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday: 2008ๅนด 4ๆœˆ 2ๆ—ฅ, 21:50 PM

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HALA!!! What happened? It seems that my recent updates were gone… oh poor thing. Even my first updates for April 1st is gone! So this proves that Cutenews is somewhat annoying then… how about my news about the mudkips and my horror? >:(

And yeah, it’s 2nd April 2008… masama yata ang araw ng birthday ni irogski. Ayan ang balik sa akin oh, nabura yung first news ko para sa April tapos lahat ng in-update ko sa kabuuan ng domain ng INdisguise ay naglaho din. Irogski, may balat ka ba sa pwet? Wahahaha. Baka winater gun mo na ako sakaling nandito ka sa Pinas! Biro lang… nakakadismaya lang talaga kasi ang thoughtful ko sa news tapos bigla na lang mawawala ang mga news ko na pinaghirapan kong i-compose.

Drama mode… hahah.
May you have more birthdays to come! Aheheh… wala akong panreregalo sa iyo. Bra na lang siguro para sa magiging boyfriend mo jan kung saka-sakali. Bwahahaha!!! Kung ayaw mo ng bra, t-back na lang. ๐Ÿ˜€ Ahahahahah!!! Gutom ang lola kaya ganyan na naman… pero anyways, ayan nalindol. Aba, matindi talaga tama ng karma sa akin ah. T_T