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Huwaaa~ >_< This is what I hated most when it comes to the university… the enrollments (given the fact that I’m asthmatic and jumping from one building to another is really a heavy toll for me)! Yeah, since I’ve stopped last semester, I have to re-admit myself onto my college department to activate my student number. If I didn’t apply for re-admission, I will not be able to enroll for the second semester AND I won’t achieve my current goal for now and that is “shifting“. πŸ˜€ I’m quite tired of my current course so I’m planning on taking up comsci… hays.

I just hope that I’ll find some decent job when I graduated from Computer Science… but what if I really want is to be a mangaka. πŸ˜• I wanted to take some art courses but I can’t find any here in Philippines, if there is some, nasa exclusive universities with expensive tuition fees naman. T_T Buti pa sina Nate at Light, they’re now taking art courses in U.S.—waaahhh!!!


20 October 2008 | 3:23 PMNew Home
A new rakuen for my blog! Yes, since I’ve moved to a new server, the name of the site changed too. My older blog which is named after L Lawliet; Panda Eyes – The Addict has been changed to Lucifer – Where to?… I moved because my news management is obviously not safe with my older host, I’ve been receiving a lot of spam on my comment field and shout box! My new host has a larger space and I’m hoping that my delicate status in blogging will not go on with this one. PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU! T_T

Why not put a spam-protection on your news management?
Good question! I tried but it’s not working… >_>
I seriously curse those spammers/bots, they will never stop ruining somebody’s business. If I am just a part of a system, I will kill them with my pencils. v.v

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