Monday: 2008年 9月 1日, 11:33 AM

🙁 Noes.. I forgot to update my journal just after I went home from a vacation in Samar. But worry not, some photos taken were uploaded online on my deviantART account. Ehehehe… that’s the only thing I didn’t forget, to take photos of the clouds and the sky. 😀 I’m so glad that after almost five years, I’ve stepped my foot on the lands of Northern Samar once again… damn, I really missed the beach. So much missed, lumangoy ako ng tatlong beses sa loob ng limang araw. Wahahahaha! Nakakaadik… hihirit pa sana ako bago kami umuwi pabalik dito sa Cavite kaso maaga ang alis ng barko. Hays… but anyways, I’ve planned to go back there next year, maybe around Holy Week. 🙂 Mga masisipag na mamamayan ng Samar, magbabalik ang nakita nyong eye-candy sa susunod na taon! Pramis yan! WAHAHAHAH~! Adik na naman ako… palagi naman eh. XD

(with my cousin Emerson)

(From left to right: Joy, Leah, me and Emerson)

The town’s fiesta was actually cool. I’ve attended the last night because it was the night for the young people. There was dancing, singing, drinking, eating and all that stuff. Lucky me that my cousins are up for this night so I wasn’t all alone. Maigi nang may ka-jamming ka na ka-close mo kesa naman sa wala, heheh.

Yey! I love Philippines! XD 😀

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