Sunday: 2008年 8月 17日, 09:32 AM

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It’s been a while since my last update and to be honest, nothing has been added much since. That is because I was contemplating with myself and finding a free hosting website where it can somehow handle the space needed for the gallery. So, after months of searching online and gathering suggestions from friends, Hydeist finally has a good place to stay: Freehostia. 😀

Since that Hydeist just recently moved, expect that there will be a bunch of page errors and missing links. And moving things one by one is a bit tiresome (blame me for not having an FTP client at the moment for easier life). With that being said, unfortunately that I have to say this again, this site is on revamp stage and major hiatus at the moment. You can still view the main page, but like I said, there will be missing links and other shenanigans.

That’s all for the day and I do hope that I’ll be able to finish things up sooner.


31 July 2008 | 5:50 AMNews Addition From ikido-shoku
Damn, I’m exhausted… *faint* There, as you can see, this note is written as the news addition. To put it bluntly, the posts I’ve made on ikido-shoku has been transferred here in Lucifer. Yay! At least I’ve recovered the backup news for this hahah. Since that the ikido’s updates were transferred here, there will be a major change with ikido; that is, the news will be gone forever T_T and it’s my another problem to conceptualize another purpose for the said site. I’m also planning to move the current informations I’ve listed there here such as the Wishtaker, the Innocence, the Links and the rest. Good bye ikido’s content…

But worry not, I won’t delete that site. 🙂
I’ll put something worth visiting there for the second time. Full transformation too, I might add. So that’s all I can put right now because I’ll be updating the other pages here again. Ja ne minna-san!

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