Sunday: 2008年 6月 1日, 11:46 AM

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Yesterday morning, I’ve received a phone call from my high school friend, Elise, and she was asking me if I’m free for the day. I said I am and asked why. She told me to get ready for we are going to an anime convention, which is Mangaholix 2 as soon as possible—I wasn’t able to get the picture at that moment because I just woke up and my brain was still rebooting. I just realized that I don’t have the budget to go to such event a couple of minutes after we hung up, and I’m kind of hesitating to ask my dad if he could spare me some penny to get there. XD So I managed to look on my wallet and kind of lucky enough to have what it takes to get to the venue and back to our house. No budget for lunch, seriously???

When I got to Elise’s home, they were already prepared—they were just waiting for me (they means Anne and Elise, bestfriends, and both my HS friends LMAO). We took a cab to get at the SMX Convention Center, and while we’re at the cab, Elise called Jay (Anne’s boyfriend) and he said that they were already at the venue. So I asked to myself, they, you mean who coz I have no idea who else Jay is with.

From left to right: Byce (RJ), Jay, Jonjon, Joshua, Elise, Anne and me (why am I so gaussian blurry??? XD)

We arrived at the venue with Jay waiting for us at the entrance, accompanied by his toothpick bestfriend, RJ. Toothpick you might ask, I was wondering that myself, but looking at the picture, you might probably know why. XD For some odd reason, di ko alam kung bakit medyo naiilang ako kapag nandyan sa paligid-ligid si RJ. Maybe because we don’t talk much—wait, rephrase that… we really don’t talk to each other. We just nod at each other as a sign of hi or hello and that’s it. No verbal talks and all that junk. Di ko rin alam bakit di nya ako kinakausap, samantalang pag si Jay kulang na lang hampasin ko sa braso yung tao kasi medyo close na kami kahit paano. Hahaha. Awkward, I’m always having this awkward feeling. As a result, I wasn’t able to release my beastly spirit for bishie hunting because I feel contained whenever RJ is around—like, what the hell do I even care if someone thinks otherwise??? *facepalm*

With Raiza and her company (top right) and Kim (lower middle-right)

I was able to enjoy the day anyway. We were able to saw our classmate, Raiza with her boyfriend as well. There were some chikara hats and Elise was kind enough to buy one for me, which is that black neko with yellow eyes. There were a bunch of cosplayers too, but since it was my first time attending any kind of anime conventions, I was too aloof to take a picture with them. Plus I don’t have a camera of my own. LMAO. Plus I wasn’t ready enough for the event, my outfit was like I was going to a nearby convenient store and my face looked like I was being dragged down a pavement by ten horses! >_< So, I promise to myself that the next time I attend a convention, I better be prepared like a damn girl scout.

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