Thursday: 2008年 3月 20日, 15:26 PM

I’ve been a busy body from midnight up until now because my plates are always eating me up. Since I’m a nocturnal person, I tend to do my school works before or past midnight until I pass out in the morning. So, to rest my mortal body and my seemingly always dried up brain, I’ve decided to get online and do my usual stuff at deviantART. What I’m not expecting to read from my messages is the thing that I’ve always expected 99% of the time whenever I join the chatrooms. LOL. Not only this particular deviant doesn’t know how to read a fellow deviant’s profile, but also have the guts to steal my already stolen tag and post it on her journal with a cute caption “hope he doesn’t mind…”

Because I have the tendency to talk like a man especially in chats, I’m always mistaken as one. Which is a bit funny because I kind of also walk and act like one. 😀 Like I don’t have that feminine aura at all, but I’m a straight female. I do fall in love with men and I drool over smexy yaoi-like physical aspects of a man. Yes, I love yaoi, just so you know hahaha.

At first, I don’t know how to react upon reading her message. I was just farting my ass off because I can’t stop laughing. I’m not sure how to explain things to her as well because she seems so hyped and kind of rabid. Then after I got back to my senses, I replied back—struggling to explain the important things about deviantART user profiles as light as possible. And she apologized immediately upon learning her hilarious mistake. 😀

Oh yeah before I’ve forgotten anything important after this horrid activities, heheh… I’ve added the Hitlist page. The only page where I list my precious and lovely dA friends and watchers. 😀 Try to check them and see if your name is on the list. If you can’t find yours, please send me a note or email me immediately and I’ll add you up. Please be reminded that this page is for dA users only, heheh. So that’s all for tonight, no further updates this week because this one is already done. Ciao!

2 Responses to Because I’m a Man

  1. What? A he?! *rofl* Way to go for being a man online, irogski hahaha. Alindog pa more, kaya crush ka ng bayan sa dA e. *rofl*

    • You’re rather amused though. Hahaha, she thought that members with the sign (~) is a he while members with sign (*) is a she. XD She’s not just familiar with the signs so I explained it to her. LOL.

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