Wednesday: 2008年 3月 19日, 16:55 PM

So okay, recently when I’ve started to get the gist of PHP script, especially the dynamic pages, I’m beginning to have a somewhat nasty habit of creating/producing websites—and I say any random website that pops out from my head with no concrete purpose. Seriously, Aki? 😀 LOL. Now I’m starting to have this dilemma of which and how to finish which. This is probably the cause of the previous years that I had when I only have the knowledge of basic HTML and that there are a lot of things contained inside my mind during that time.

Previously, I have INdisguise101 which was made to showcase my a bit crappy portfolio for my written stories both book and manga versions. Now I have a new one. XD Why can’t I be contented with one? Good question! But I don’t know the answer either, so don’t bother asking again hahaha. With ikido-shoku, I do plan to focus this new one to be my blog. Wait, don’t you have a blog already? Good question again. I do, which is Panda Eyes. But I’m currently struggling with my current host, remember? So ikido-shoku is still Panda Eyes, only that I’ve change the blog name, the contents are still the same though.

So now, the links on the left-hand side are empty… kakabukas ko pa lang naman kasi ng site. All of the main files aren’t uploaded yet kaya sarado muna sila pansamantala. Isa pa, kakalipat ko lang din naman ng server kaya under revamp pa ang lahat. Atat lang siguro akong maglagay ng news ngayon kahit hindi naman nararapat. 😀

I’m hoping to finish this site by Friday (I don’t want to promise but I’ll try.) Isa pa… wala pa akong tulog ngayon. Wahahahah, hindi ko na alam kung ano porma ng mata ko. Kung ganito ba (=_=) or ganyan (@_@) nyahahah! Kaya yan na lang muna sa ngayon.

3 Responses to Unknown Stranger

  1. hahah…(O_O) -> ganito naman kapag nasa school na… awwooo… walking zombie… dilat ang mata, nangingitim ang paligid at mamula-mula wahahah… joke nakatira na ng ipinagbabawal na damo yun kapag ganun. XD

    • Ahahah… lol, adik ka talaga, irogski. Wahaha. Ou mas maganda ang ganyang mata (O_O) talagang kita mo pati ugat hahah. (O_o) okay rin naman toh kapag confused of something…

      Teka, usapang mata na ito ah. XD

  2. And when will be the next move? 😀 Just trying this one if the comment form is working. LOL.

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