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08 January 2008 | 7:07 PM – Gallery Update
2008! Start of the real class but the professors are all missing (college life)! 😀 Hahahah, so yeah.. I’ve added another eighteen photos of Hyde at the gallery page. Those images needs a credit, so if you’re planning to put them or displaying them to your sites, you must give it a link back to the fansite. I intentionally didn’t put a watermark so that it’ll look more presentable and nice.

Hm.. what else? Ah! Happy new year and thanks everyone! Ja ne! 😀

21 February 2008 | 11:31 AM – Struggling With Current Host
Oh noes… I’ve forgot to update this site. I’ve been very busy at the university these days and all I have to do is work here and there and keep struggling for my grades. 🙁 Since it’s been a while that I’ve almost killed this site, no recent changes has been added. I’m also thinking about the small space here in GeoCities (15MB for heaven’s sake…) because it won’t be able to hold up all the images I’m about to put on the gallery. So, I’m planning on moving to another host with enough web space to hold everything for this site.

17 March 2008 | 10:21 PM – Alas! It’s done…
Yehey! Wahahah… at last I’ve finished the pages on this blog. Yay! All I need to update is the literature page, to add my newest pieces. Kawaii. Eheheh, since I’m done with ikiDO shoKU… I’ll help k1haku with her site Nightwalker (in terms of web design and coding), which is hosted under the network of Deicoded. I can’t wait on what will be the contents of her site. Heheh.

So far, my projects regarding this network is already done… so there’s nothing anymore to bug my head with ikiDO shoKU. All I need to finish is the Deicoded! Which is the mother network of this and so the Hitokage! Lot’s of things to do this time… and yeah, this is not related to my school. Lol.

Today’s Post – WTF? Where is it?
Nani?! What did I do? What did I do? Oh… I’ve change the font sizes and link designs. XD Crap, yeah I know the text are too small for you to read. Bah~ 😛

This is so cool… Ahahah, maybe I’m starting to get addicted to RP-ing (role playing for the sake of who doesn’t know). At halos inuumaga ako dahil sa kaka-RP sa dA wahahahah. But then, I have a few regular RP partners and they are GaaraxHinata6666, silveriris101, and firegoddess27. I have a total of… eight (8) RP partners but not all of them are regular. XD And I’m happy too that the story of each regular RP are getting more interesting.

Uu nga pala, nakalimutan kong banggitin na nakakaadik din pala ang pagro-roleplay sa chats. Ahahahah! Pero hindi naman siguro ako maaadik ng todo-todo dyan. XD

2 Responses to Random Wrap-Ups

  1. Ayus. Haha! Inuumaga sa kaka RP. *rofl* Apir! LOL natapos na pala RP natin dun ano? Ahihihi.. 😀

    • Eheheh.. lol, ikaw ang nag-suggest na wag nang ituloy eh. na hanggang dun na lang. XD

      Nakakahawa pala ang kaadikan ng mga nag-a-RP.

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